Brooks House Coop Wikia


  • Monitors the account
  • Communicates with potential members by email, arranging interviews (in person or on Skype), and checking references
  • Drafts of correspondence to members (initial contact, setting up interview, accepting/rejecting applicant) are kept in the "Drafts" folder of the gmail account.
  • Badger people for their summer / next-year plans, manage re-signing of leases, room switches (requires resigning lease!), subleases

Gets one less cooking during membership season (from January until when the house is full)

Timeline for Finding Members[]


  1. Post ads on Craigslist/Facebook/etc. Hang flyers around town (Flying M, Red Herring, academic buildings, bookstores, etc). Make ads descriptive of the room that is available, and outline the responsibilities of living in a co-op. Include a link to the application.
  2. When someone applies, contact them ASAP (within one day, ideally). Give them 2-3 options for interview dates in the next week. If they are not in town, say that we can interview over Google Hangouts / Skype. Interviews are over dinner, at 7pm (be careful of time zones for remote interviews!!!). For in person interviews, send them our address and emphasize that we are in *Urbana*.
  3. Confirm interview over email the day of, and resend address / hangouts link.
  4. Call references and ask about how much the applicant contributes to house through chores, etc; if they are dependable for rent.


  1. If interview is over computer, set up the computer by 6:45 (connect to TV in living room). Make sure audio/video works. Connect to external speaker if possible.
  2. If interview is in person, hang out in living room starting at 6:45 so you can open the front door.
  3. Welcome person / make small talk / show them how getting food works.
  4. Let other house members ask questions, but if there's an awkward pause in convo, have questions ready to go.
  5. Take person on house tour.
  6. Tell them you'll get back to them within (one week / two weeks / etc)


  1. Bring vote up at next house meeting
  2. Relay result to applicant and if accepted, give them a copy of the lease, tenant-landlord agreement, lead notice, check-in form (in Gmail Drafts folder)
  3. If they are rejected, point them toward Harvest / Jonahps if they have open spots


  1. Set up a day/time for the new member to move in
  2. BE THERE AT THIS TIME and COLLECT SECURITY DEPOSIT AND SIGNED LEASE before letting member move in!! Very important!!!
  3. Give member room and house key
  4. Set up member mail pocket